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WHY it's Important

What to expect at your Home Inspection

Whether you are a real estate agent or private home buyer, Cal Tech Inspections delivers a thorough inspection and timely report you need.

A home inspection saves you time & money
It is essential to understand the condition of a property in order to assess its true value. A well-done home inspection report can help buyers negotiate for a better price — you’ll be prepared with the knowledge you need to factor in the condition of the home when making decisions. With report in hand, you can plan ahead to budget the timing and costs of imminent or eventual remodeling, repairs, replacements or improvements.

Get the assurance of a third party verification
A home inspector will make a fair, unbiased third party evaluation of the condition of the home and its systems. You want to know before you buy, whether or not the house has been properly built and maintained. Cal Tech Inspections looks at areas behind, beneath and above with a trained eye. We assess the full structure and all major components of the home.

Receive an unbiased report
With a thorough and practical assessment of the property, all parties are protected from mistakes or misunderstandings by having an experienced professional look impartially at conditions that may be unapparent or undisclosed.

The report evaluates all major systems and components in a clearly written, easy to understand format

  • Evaluations are individually written in simple, clear language
  • Photographs with graphics visually illustrate important details
  • Information is well organized for quick & easy reference
  • Reports are available in a timely manner so you can proceed
    in your transaction with confidence
A home inspection report on paper