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WHAT we Inspect


An electrician working on wirings
Electrical, including service conductors and capacity; panels and over current protection devices; service and equipment grounding; wiring types and methods; receptacles and light fixtures; ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)


An HVAC system

Heating system operation, venting, combustion and ventilation air, distribution systems including ducting, duct insulation
Cooling system operation, energy source and connections, condensate drains, outlets, piping systems and valves


A man working on the roof

Roof condition, including coverings, skylights, vents, stacks, and drainage systems
Attic framing, sheathing, accessibility, insulation, ventilation


A support for the wooden frame
Structural Elements such as Foundation, crawlspace, seismic anchors, framing, siding, ventilation, wood separation from soil


A front door of a home
Exterior conditions like grading & drainage, wall cladding, veneers, flashing, trim, eaves, soffits, fascia, attached decks, porches, balconies, stairs, columns, walkways, guardrails and handrails


A wrench tightening the faucet

Plumbing supply, waste and vent piping; fixtures, faucets and drains; water heaters; functional flow of water supply